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AMD 6th Gen Godavari APU lineup revealed

AMD has officially launched the new AMD Godavari APU lineup and all the interesting details have now been revealed, including the pricing. Godavari isn’t a major upgrade over the Kaveri design and features up to four ‘Steamroller’ x86 cores, Radeon graphics based on GCN 1.1 architecture, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller

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Intel releases four new Braswell CPUs

Intel has silently added four new CPUs to its lineup, all based on the Braswell microprocessor architecture. The new Braswell architecture CPUs bring greater CPU and Graphics performance over the previous generation entry-level CPUs from Intel while offering lower consumption and lower TDP. The four new CPUs unveiled by Intel

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Huawei details its upcoming Kirin 930 SoC

Huawei today revealed some details on its upcoming Kirin 930 chipset that will be powering the company’s P8 flagship smartphone and the recently announced MediaPad X2 7-inch tablet. The new Kirin 930 chipset seems to be based on slightly modified ARM Cortex-A53 cores, dubbed ‘Cortex-A53E’. Huawei will be using four

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