• Inno3D GeForce 6800 PCI-E

    The Nvidia GeForce 6800 series has been around for quite a while now, and from the time they were top-of-the-line cards till now, it has been through many price drops to keep its price to performance ratio good enough for people to continue buying it. Is the 6800 still worth your money? Let’s find out!

  • X-Micro Video MP3 400

    What we are reviewing here is a little monster from X-Micro, a Taiwanese company specializing in innovative digital multimedia devices, storage devices, and wireless communication devices. Let’s take a look at how this player fare against the competition, including the better-known players…

  • Corsair 2GB XMS DDR Kits: 3500 PRO & 4400 PRO

    Today, we are looking at two sets of high-end 2x1GB memory modules from Corsair, the TWINX2048-3500LL PRO and the TWINX2048-4400 PRO. Both pairs belong to the high-end XMS series from Corsair, and are claimed to be highly overclockable. Let’s see if they perform as good as they look!

  • ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

    In order to get a system to run in SLi mode, you would usually have to buy 2 graphics card of the same model. But today, VR-Zone takes a look at this physically large graphics card, that actually has 2 7800GT cores on a single PCB, connected via NVIDIA’s SLi interface. Look here for performance

  • Sapphire Radeon X1800XL 256MB

    The Canadian Giant, ATi has been releasing a lot of information to media about the X1000 family of graphic cards. Does the X1800 family of graphic processor live up to all of the hype that has been spun around it? Today, we will take an insight on one of its family members, the X1800XL, from

  • ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

    ASUS has been a forerunner in the graphics scene. Although the ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition doesn’t boast a higher-then-normal operating clockspeed, it does adds that special effect to your beautifully crafted case. Find pictures of this cool looking card in this review!

  • Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe Preview

    VR-Zone brings you a preview of the Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe mainboard, an Intel Nforce 4 mainboard that consist of the Original Intel Nforce 4 C19 SPP, and an addition of the Nforce 4 SLI CK804 MCP, delivering up to 40 lanes of PCI-Express goodness. Let’s take a look at the features right now.

  • Sapphire PURE Innovation A9RX480 Motherboard

    With a stunning white PCB and fury red component slots, this is one of the most fanciful motherboard we’ve seen so far. With 4V for VDimm and over 2.0V for Vcore, this board promises to be an overclocker’s dream. VR-Zone takes a deeper insight into this board that is geared for enthusiasts.

  • NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

    We’ve just taken a look at the 6600 DDR2 from NVIDIA that was put out to match up against the ATi X1000 series of graphics chipsets. Now, we take a look at the 6800 GS, another gap filler pushed out to meet the competition. This one fits right in between the 6800 GT and standard

  • Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

    The Radeon X800 GTO is ATi’s answer to the GeForce 6800 PCIe. Today, VR-Zone takes an indepth look at this Connect3D X800 GTO. Both cards feature 12 pipelines so can this card give the Geforce 6800 PCIe a run for its money? Also included is information on turning this card into a 16 pipe card!

  • XFX 6600 DDR2 256MB Review

    The GeForce 6600 series of GPUs have been capturing the mid-range segment of the graphics chipset market with their very competitive price/performance ratio. With the advent of ATi’s X1000 series of GPUs, the foot-hold NVIDIA has established in this part of the ladder starts to get shaky. The GDDR2 6600 cards is one of the

  • Corsair TWINX2048-3500LL PRO 2GB Memory Review

    In a tie-up with ASUS, one of the world’s leader in motherboards and graphics cards manufacturing, Corsair has recently launched a new memory product, the TWINX2048-3500LL PRO, which consists of a pair of matched 1GB XMS-3500LL PRO memory, recommended best for use with an ASUS A32N-SLI motherboard. We are at a point of time at

  • DFI LAN Party UT RDX200 CF-DR

    The DFI LAN Party nF4 Ultra-D, SLI-D and SLI-DR have been selling like hotcakes in the enthusiast market. It has been the number one choice for the performance-minded enthusiast going for a Socket 939 board, especially those looking for SLI capable boards. Today we take a look at its cousin… a board moulded with its

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6150 and nForce 430

    Nvidia’s IGP solution, codenamed Crush 51 is it’s next generation mainstream and HTPC chipset. It features a Geforce 6150 graphics processor and High definition MPEG-2/WMV9 playback capabilities. Here, we take a look at a reference board by Nvidia and check out it’s potential.

  • Magic Pro K8N Combo

    Founded in Hong Kong, Magic-Pro has been producing motherboards since 1987. Even though Magic-Pro is not available in the local Singapore market, their boards have been selling really well in Hong Kong and China. Today we take a look at one of their latest innovations, the Magic-Pro K8N Combo motherboard, a hybird of socket 754

  • Panasonic VS3 Mobile Phone Review

    As the saying goes “First impression lasts”. Panasonic designed the VS3 phone to be slim and sleek. It may look rather plain at first look but when you spend enough time with it, you can be assured that it is far from plain….

  • XFX GeForce 7800GT Special Edition Preview

    As we know, most GeForce 7800GT cards available right now are reference designed but XFX has something fancy up their sleeves. Today, we take a look this colorful XFX Geforce 7800GT Special Edition!

  • Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GTX Extreme

    Today, VR-Zone takes a look at a radically different 7800 GTX. The Leadtek 7800 GTX Extreme offers a new cooling solution, with an impressive 490MHz core, and 1250MHz memory. Look here to find out how this card performs compared to a reference card!

  • Galaxy GeForce 6600LE DDR3

    The GeForce 6600LE provides a rather low cost solution for budget gamers. Today, VR-Zone takes a look at another 6600LE which arrived at our labs recently, the Galaxy Geforce 6600LE. Equipped with LED fans and RAMsinks, let’s see how this card fares in performance and overclocking!

  • AOpen i915Ga-HFS Pentium M Mainboard Preview

    Aopen has been actively pushing out mainboards based on Pentium M since 2004, and at Computex, we saw Aopen introducing their latest innovation, A Pentium M mainboard based on a Desktop Chipset! let’s take a look at the Aopen i915Ga-HFS, Aopen’s latest breakthrough on the Pentium M platform.