Solid State Drives

  • Seagate is readying Pulsar.2 SSD with 12Gbps SAS interface

    It was only last week that HGST, a division of Western Digital announced that it was working on a 12Gbps SAS SSD and now Seagate has followed up with its own announcement, but with a little bit more meat on the bones. Seagate is getting ready to show off its 12Gbps SSD at the SCSI

  • Intel SSD 910 800GB (PCIe) Preview

    Back at IDF Beijing 2012, Intel unveiled its enterprise data centre/cloud computing oriented 910 series "Ramsdale MLC" PCI Express Solid-State Drive, available in 400GB ($1,929) and 800GB ($3,859) capacities. We do a quick preview of the new 25nm HET MLC based card before putting it through some heavy duty real world tests over the next few weeks for

  • OCZ readies up 1TB Octane SSD for market

    Where HDDs still have the upper hand over SSDs in terms of storage capacity in line of their respective price points, for those seeking out the best of both worlds and cost not being of primary concern, OCZ has just been confirmed to have updated its consumer level Octane series of SSDs with a new

  • HGST cranks up SAS SSD interface speed to 12Gbps

    By the look of things we can expect a doubling in SAS speeds in the not too distant future from 6Gbps to 12Gbps and HGST – soon to be a part of Western Digital – is set to demo its first SSD using the new 12Gbps SAS interface next week at a SCSI trade association

  • Apacer’s PHFD combines PCI Express SSD with hard drive caching

    We've seen a fair few attempts at making hard drive SSD caching solutions, some better than others in terms of execution. Apacer has come up with a somewhat different approach than what we've seen so far with its PHFD which is now in its second generation.

  • Apacer is turning to RFID for SSD security, gets it slightly wrong

    When it comes to data security, there are many ways of skinning a cat as they say and Apacer has come up with an interesting solution that the company was showing off at Secutech 2012. Rather than using "old fashioned" smartcards, Apacer has gone for trendy RFID technology and integrated it into an SSD.

  • OWC launches the Mercury Accelsior PCI Express SSD for Mac

    Other World Computing, more commonly known as OWC has launched a rather unusual PCI Express SSD that uses a pair of "blades" as the company puts it. The blades appear to be the same type of SSD modules that Apple is using in its MacBook Air, a product which OWC produces upgrade modules for.

  • Intel’s 330 series SSDs arrive, priced competitively

    The 320 series of SSDs from Intel has been a long time staple as far as consumer SSDs have been concerned, although this SATA 3Gbps SSD family has been overdue for a replacement for some time now. Intel has finally unveiled the 330 series which we wouldn't call a direct replacement for the 320 series,

  • Corsair Accelerator 60GB Caching SSD Review

    SSD caching is becoming more and more popular and rightfully so; as things stand today, it is about the only efficient way to combine large storage space with enhanced everyday performance. SSD caching was initially meant for users using an Intel Z68 based motherboard, until the few major SSD manufacturers released caching solutions which could

  • Buffalo readies up three new USB 3.0 external SSDs

    Buffalo has just announced a new family of external SSDs using the USB 3.0 interface. There are three models in the new SSD-PEU3 series with two color versions available in a glossy finish – "Black Crystal" and "Ruby Red".

  • Intel’s 910-series of PCI Express SSDs imminent

    By now it's pretty clear that the SATA and SAS interfaces just aren't cutting it for high-performance SSDs and as we know from Intel's SSD roadmap, PCI Express is the future interface for its high-end SSDs. The company is about to announce its new 910-series of PCI Express based SSD's, previously known as Ramsdale MLC

  • Micron gets into the tiny SSD market with the c400 mSATA

    Predicting technology isn't an easy thing, but if anyone would've said that computers would be using SSD's the size of a mini PCI Express card as their main storage device a few years ago people would most likely have laughed at the notion, least not due to the cost of flash memory back then. Micron

  • Kingston releases HyperX 3K SF-2281 powered Solid State Drive

    Kingston has just launched a new SSD to market under its HyperX family dubbed the HyperX 3K. Aimed at enthusiasts and gamers on a budget, the HyperX 3K is an MLC based drive using a second-gen SandForce SF-2281 controller together with a SATA 6Gb/s interface to produce impressive sequential read and write performance of up

  • IO-Data’s new SSD uses Toshiba SATA 6Gbps controller

    It's easy to forget that Toshiba is still in the SSD controller market, but the company's latest model has been revealed to reside inside IO-Data's latest SSD, the SSDN-3TB which is set to launch later this month. It's taken Toshiba quite some time to launch a SATA 6Gbps controller and it looks like the company

  • MSI shows off its Super RAID in the GT70 gaming notebook

    Notebooks with an SSD are hardly newsworthy these days, but MSI has managed to pull a fast one and made things interesting once again. The company has put what it calls a Super RAID inside its GT70 gaming notebook and it's unlike anything we've seen to date.

  • OCZ announces the Vertex 4 series of SSDs

    We saw an early preview of OCZ's Vertex 4 back at CeBIT, nearly a month ago now and it seems like OCZ has decided that it was time to launch its new SSD series. The interesting part here is the controller used, namely the Indilinx Everest 2 which is something of an in-house solution considering OCZ

  • Intel’s SSD 313 series official, retailing and tested

    Back in February we told you about Intel's upcoming 313 series of SSD's that are set to replace the 311 series for use as hard drive caching. Now the drives have been officially launched, even though it was a very quiet launch, with the drives available in retail as of today and on top of

  • Intel’s Smart Response, Smart Connect and Rapid Start requirements detailed

    With the introduction of its new 7-series chipsets – specifically the Z77 and H77 as well as a few mobile variants – Intel will be adding two new technologies in addition to Smart Response. These two new additions will be known as Rapid Start and Smart Connect and the requirements have now been detailed courtesy

  • Intel Storage Forum 2012

    Earlier today VR-Zone attended the Intel's Storage Forum 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan and although the company didn't reveal any big news at the event, one message was very clear this year and that is that Intel is investing heavily into storage solutions. At the event Intel talked about everything from entry level "Personal Cloud" devices,

  • OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI-E SSD Review

      SSD drives undoubtedly are extremely fast, with their speeds being only limited by the bandwidth of the SATA bus interface. However they also remain disproportionately expensive per GB when compared to mechanical drives, forbidding mainstream customers from purchasing large capacity drives. For those who require a fairly large primary drive and want to reap