Solid State Drives

  • Kingston announces new wallet friendly SSDs

    Another day, another new SSD range offering higher performance than the one announced the day before, oh, hang on, the new V200 series from Kingston isn't actually a high-end range of drives, instead Kingston has focused on good enough performance at a lower price point. The company claims that its new V200 series will offer

  • Patriot goes after the Mac upgrade market with new line of SSDs

    Patriot Memory has launched not only three new SSDs for Apple's Mac line of computers, but also a range of memory upgrade options for Mac notebooks as well as iMac's. However, we're not entire sure what's Mac specific about the products apart from the stickers on the products saying so.

  • OCZ to launch TLC NAND based SSDs next year

    If you still think SSDs are too expensive, then OCZ might have a solution for you come early next year, as the company is planning to offer SSDs with TLC (three bits per cell) NAND flash. This means that less flash memory is needed to make an SSD of the same capacity as when MLC

  • Adata launches its XM13 series of mSATA SSDs

    SSD caching has as yet not take off, at least not that we're aware, although some of the first Ultrabooks seems to be taking advantage of Intel's SRT technology. Now Adata has announced its first mSATA SSDs which are as far as the press release is making it sound like, intended for use as hard

  • OCZ launches Indilinx based Octane SSDs

    Besides OCZ's mSATA SSDs, we haven't seen anything based on Indilinx controllers since OCZ bought Indilinx back in March, well, that was until today when OCZ announced its new Octane series of SSDs based on the new Indilinx Everest controller. The new SSD controller not only offers SATA 6Gbps support and of course added performance,

  • ADATA Starts Shipping XM-13 mSATA SSD

    ADATA started shipping its XM13 family of Sandforce-driven solid state drives (SSDs) in the mSATA form-factor. The XM13 was spotted at this year's Computex tradeshow, held in June, in Taiwan. ADATA is promising capacities and speeds comparable to SSDs in the 2.5-inch form-factor, and endurance that makes it fit for SSD caching on motherboards with

  • Intel Charts Out SSD Roadmap for 2012

    Intel has plans for the solid state drive (SSD) market that look deep into 2012. It is becoming increasingly clear that the company wants to give its SSD portfolio the breakneck product cycle its processor lineup enjoys, that of generation leaps every year or so. Looking into 2012, we see new models targeting pretty much

  • Samsung unleashes multiple mobile building blocks

    It's actually quite amazing how many products Samsung makes and there's no wonder that the company is starting to have such a dominant place in the mobile market space. The company announced no less than five new products related to mobile products, a new HD CMOS sensor, a 16Megapixel CMOS sensor, faster 64GB eMMC flash

  • Intel SSD 520 Cherryville Launches This November, Curtains for SSD 510

    A little earlier this month, we revealed key details of Intel's next enthusiast solid state drive series, the SSD 520, codenamed Cherryville. In the older article talked about its specifications to great lengths. Fresh tips from our sources suggests to important bits of information, its launch date and market positioning. 

  • OCZ announces second SSD caching solution with the Synapse series

    If OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid is outside of your budget, then its new Synapse series of SSDs might appeal to you as the new range of drives have been designed specifically for SSD caching. The good news is that you don't need chipset level support to take advantage of the SSD caching feature either, as OCZ

  • SanDisk is pushing for new, low power SATA interface

    According to SanDisk, the SATA standard just isn't power efficient enough for mobile devices and the company is now proposing that a new low power SATA standard should be developed. The company wants to cut the power consumption of mobile SSDs by 10 times, which is no mean feat, but SanDisk expects this to be

  • Intel SSD 520 Cherryville The Faster, Tougher Successor of SSD 510

    As an established player in the solid state drive (SSD) industry, Intel has at its disposal a market which it can address with the same breakneck product-cycle as its much larger x86 processor product lines. The most recent roadmap slide and accompanying information we scored suggests that a successor is already around the corner for

  • OCZ’s mSATA SSDs appear in Japan ahead of launch

    If recent developments are anything to go by, the next SSD battlefield is mSATA and OCZ is getting ready to join Intel, Sandisk, Kingston and several other companies with a couple of new products line that might prove to be popular in the upgrade market and possibly even with notebook manufacturers. OCZ new Nocti and

  • Intel SSD 710 Lyndonville for Enterprise Detailed

    Intel's latest generation of solid state drives has come full circle with new enterprise-grade SSDs in the 2.5-inch SATA form-factor. Called the Intel SSD 710 series, and codenamed "Lyndonville", the new series succeeds previous-generation X25-E series in a similar way SSD 320 series does to the last X25-M drives. It makes use of NAND flash

  • OCZ’s SSD caching solution launches

    It's hard not to call OCZ an innovative company as they keep coming up with new ways of either connecting your SSD or take advantage of SSD technology somehow in your PC. The latest addition to the RevoDrive series of PCI Express based SSDs is the RevoDrive Hybrid and if you've been around for a

  • Corsair adds roomier SKUs to the Force GT SSD series

    So far Corsair has only offered fairly small sized SSDs in its high-performance Force GT series of SSDs, but now the company has added a pair of new, roomier models to the series. The new capacities are 180 and 240GB, a doubling of the two previously largest models.

  • Crucial issues firmware upgrade for its m4 series of SSDs

    Apparently there is such a thing as a free lunch, at least if you consider a free performance boost a free lunch. Crucial has issued a firmware update for its m4 series of SSDs and promises a range of performance improvements, beyond the usual fixes you'd expect to see.

  • Samsung unveils high-capacity SATA 3 SSD with 512GB of storage

    Solid-state drives or SSDs are favoured by enthusiasts because of the massive boosts in data read/write performance they are capable of offering over their mechanical-based counterparts, but the biggest issue most people usually have with SSDs is that their maximum storage capacities are much more limitted than those of the conventional hard disk. That is

  • SATA-IO announces SATA Express

    Remember that story we wrote a couple of weeks ago about Intel considering doing a PCI Express x2 interface? Well, today's announcement by the SATA-IO confirms this story and it looks like it will be an industry wide move as the new SATA Express standard will require it for optimal performance. Click on through for a detailed

  • Hitachi launches Ultrastar SSD400M MLC SSD

    Hitachi has launched its enterprise MLC SSD, Ultrastar SSD400M. It uses Intel's 25nm NAND and SSD technology. More details inside.