• More details of Sony’s upcoming A77 camera leaked

    We have posted a couple of stories pertaining to Sony's upcoming A77 DSLR, but it seems that the latest leak that is currently circulating around the depths of cyberspace has revealed all of the information any serious photographer will want to know about the new DSLR. And from the looks of it, the leak only

  • Sony unveils new three-inch “WhiteMagic” LCD panel with RGBW pixels

    With the demand for LCD panels reaching fever pitch and the call for small displays to further reduce their energy consumption and increase their maximum native resolution without adversely affecting image quality, one might be tempted to think that consumers today are an unreasonable bunch of people. However, leave it to Sony to come up

  • Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative to bring unified 3D glasses standard

    One of the most frustrating things with 3D video is that there's no standard for the glasses, well, or at least there wasn't until now. Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Xpand 3D have teamed up work on what's currently known as the "Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative" which is set to create a standard for 3D

  • Sony unveils commercial ESSP-2000 industrial battery with 10-year shelf life

    Sony has unveiled its new commercial-grade ESSP-2000 industrial battery, which boasts the capability to provide business users with up to at least 10 years of reliable power output without experiencing significant cell deterioration. According to the Japanese electronics giant, the ESSP-2000 is designed to meet the energy needs of data centres and server farms in

  • Sony’s next gen NEX cameras and more unveiled ahead of the launch

    It appears that we have a lot to look forward to from Sony's digital camera division later this month, as the company is expected to launch no less than four new cameras of which two are Alpha models and two are NEX models. Pictures of both of the NEX models have now appeared, alongside pictures

  • Sony announces new A, E, S and W-series Walkmans

    Remember those old Walkmans you used to lug around everyday to satisfy your daily dose of music while on the move? Well, the good news is that Sony has clearly got no intention in letting such a popular product line fade into history, for the Japanese company has just announced the availability of four new Walkman series

  • Sony’s new digital photo frames come with full HD video playback

    Sony Electronics Singapore has launched their new digital photo frames which claim to support full high definition video playback. Available in 7- to 10-inch models, the digital photo frames support video formats including AVCHD, MPEG4, Motion-JPEG, and MPEG-1, and come with 2GB internal memory.

  • LG beats Sony in OLED race, announces large screen OLED TV for late 2012

    18 months ago, Sony raised expectations of consumers all over the world when it announced that it had plans to introduce  a large screen OLED TV. Fast forward to today, and the good news is that it seems that an OLED TV release is still on the cards, and that such a device will reportedly

  • Sony announces Cyber-shot TX55 and WX30 compact digital cameras

    If you are looking for a new compact digital cameras that can shoot high quality pictures and high definition videos, you probably want to check out the latest Cyber-shot TX55 and WX30 from Sony. The cameras boast up to 10x Clear Image Zoom in maximum resolution and artistic Picture Effect mode.

  • Sony A77 camera body finally revealed?

    You might have seen some leaked blurrycam photographs of what was supposedly the design for Sony's upcoming A77 DSLR some time back last month, but the latest news that the rumour mill has been churning out seem to suggest that images of the real deal has finally managed to find its way out onto the

  • Sony introduces BDV-3985WH 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System

    If you are looking to get a new home theatre system, you might want to check out Sony's latest offering. The Sony BDV-3985WH 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System features a stylish design and claims to offer superb entertainment in the comfort of your own home.  

  • Sony announces wall-mountable Hi-Fi system for the iPhone

    Most people will not deny that the iPhone is every bit a fashion statement as much as it is a smartphone, and it seems that Sony is not about to go against such popular opinion, especially if its latest Hi-Fi system that was recently announced in Europe is of any indication. Apparently, the Japanese electronics

  • Potential leaked image of Sony’s NEX-7 appear online

    We've already seen a leaked picture of Sony's upcoming Alpha models and now a picture that's said to be of a pre-production model of Sony's upcoming NEX-7 has made an appearance. If this turns out to be the real deal, then Sony has changed its strategy quite a lot as this model is addressing a very different

  • Sony improves notebook Li-Ion battery technlogy

    If you're finding that your notebook battery life falls a bit short of your expectations, then Sony has good news as the company has managed to improve the capacity of its Nexelion hybrid Li-Ion battery cells. The original Nexelion battery cells were introduced back in 2005 and back then offered a good bump in battery

  • Sony launches USB 3.0 hard drive, with home entertainment in mind

    Sony is breaking new ground by releasing an external hard drive for its home entertainment products. The model is called the HD-PG5U and it will connect to a wide range of Sony products ranging from camcorders to TV's and of course the PS3.

  • Sony introduces new Micro Vault P series flash drives; up to 64GB

    Sony called their USB flash drive, Micro Vault and recently, the company has announced their new Micro Vault P series in Singapore with capacities of from 4GB to 64GB. The P series claim to be more sleek and compact which allows users to carry with them conveniently.

  • Sony Ericsson launches new Walkman-branded smartphone, the W8

    Sony's Walkman is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to devices dealing with audio and video playback while on the move; as such, it is understandable that Japanese company is not about to let such an established brand fade to oblivion. And in what seems to be the best proof of Sony's

  • Sony announces new VAIO Z Series notebook for mobile professionals

    Notebooks may be getting smaller and more powerful as mobile technology advances with each passing day, but it does not change the fact that as far as mobile professionals are concerned, their machines of choice have to feature the best of both worlds in order for their mobile needs to be effectively served. And leave

  • Sony VPL-HW30ES home theatre 3D projector lands in Singapore

    Sony has recently announced its latest 3D home theatre projector VPL-HW30ES. Incorporating the company's proprietary Dynamic Lamp Control Technology, it boasts amazing brightness levels for users to experience 3D "cinema-style" movies in their own living room.

  • Too Hot to Handle: Sony issues BIOS update for 535,000 VAIO notebooks at risk of overheating

    Sony has just issued an urgent BIOS update for certain F and C series VAIO notebooks. The affected models were sold in the first half of 2010 and are at risk of overheating due to a faulty thermal management system. According to Sony, the BIOS update should fix the issue. More than half a million