Tablets and E-Readers

  • Qualcomm reveals future plans, we give you the details

    Earlier this week Qualcomm hosted its Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul where the company unveiled details of some of its upcoming products, including a 2.5GHz next generation Snapdragon SoC. However, a lot of details were left out, but VR-Zone is here to help fill in the blanks as to what to expect from Qualcomm over

  • Creative ZiiLabs unveils 3rd-Gen reference designs for Android tablets

    Media processor and platforms company ZiiLabs has unveiled the Jaguar3, its 3rd generation of reference designs for Android 3.2 tablets that incorporate over a decade of designing experience in portable mobile devices from Creative Technology. Based on a motherboard concept, the designs were first demonstrated at Computex 2011 in May this year, and were made possible for

  • Could the next version after Android Ice Cream Sandwich be Jellybean?

    Google is known for using sweet treats as codenames for the various versions of theiir popular Android mobile operating system. And while many of us are anticipating the upcoming "Ice Cream Sandwich" which claims to offer the best of Honeycomb, the Android tablet OS, and make them useable on smartphones, it seems that the search engine giant has already

  • BenQ launches 7-inch R70 Android tablet device

    While BenQ has been rather quiet at this part of the world, the manufacturer is aggressive in its home country of Taiwan. The manufacturer has recently introduced a new member in their line of Android tablet, the R70, which features a 7-inch touchscreen display and runs Android 2.3 mobile operating system.

  • NTT Docomo announces two tablet devices for LTE Xi

    Today, NTT Docomo unveiled two tablet devices which support the telco operator's extra-high-speed next-generation LTE Xi (read “Crossy”) service. The two tablets are the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D, and both will be available in October next month

  • TABLSKIN 2.0 keyboard accessory for Apple iPad could replace attachable keyboards

    TABLSKIN may not be the most popular name among Apple product accessories, but their new keyboard accessory may change the way iPad users type their messages. The company has recently launched their TABLSKIN 2.0 keyboard accessory for the iPad tablet devices that could replace attachable keyboards.

  • Third part MHL adapters with added functionality start to appear

    If you wonder what MHL stands for, then we're not surprised, as it's still a fairly new standard and it might potentially die a pre-mature death, although this isn't very likely considering the industry backers. MHL stands for Mobile High-definition Link and it looks just like a micro USB connector, but beyond delivering USB connectivity,

  • Intel gives up MeeGo development; Samsung eyes to take over

    According to news reports, chip manufacturing giant Intel may be shifting its focus from MeeGo platform to smartphone and tablet development, and it was said that Korean company Samsung may be intending to take over the platform.

  • Reallusion unveils Visualize image editing tool for iPad

    Reallusion has unveiled their new Visualize application which is designed for Apple iPad users who want to do some image editing on their tablet device. Visualize is an image editing tool that allows users to make cutouts and stylized image composition. You can give this software a try; Visualize is now available in iTunes store.    

  • New update for Angry Birds Seasons – Mooncake Festival

    The Angry Birds Seasons has been rather quiet with no new update until few days ago. Well, there are only so many festivities in a year and we would assume that there won't be any more to add to the game. The good folks at Rovio has announced the new "Mooncake Festival" stages for Angry Birds fans.

  • VMware to bring Business Capabilities onto Samsung Smartphones, Tablets

    Virtualization giant VMware has announced a strategic partnership with Samsung that could well be a strong shot-in-the-arm for the adoption of the Android platform in businesses.  In a nutshell, the collaboration means that Samsung will integrate the just-announced VMware View 5 and VMware Horizon Mobile with its mobile smartphones and tablet devices.  VMware View 5

  • HP TouchPad at COMEX 2011 draws huge (angry) crowd

    HP Singapore announced the promotion prices for their WebOS-based TouchPad tablets just a day before the COMEX Show. Needless to say, there are a lot of enthusiastic buyers who want to grab the special offer. But in the end, many were angry and disappointed when they found out the tablets have been fully redeemed even before

  • Acer finally launches the Iconia Smart

    Sometimes waiting for something good can take too long and in the case of the Iconia Smart from Acer, which was first announced back at the Mobile World Congress in February has finally launched, well, at least in Taiwan. That said, the company did deliver on its September launch date, although judging by the fact

  • HP Singapore unveils TouchPad pricing at COMEX Show 2011

    While HP has officially dropped their WebOS-based TouchPad tablet pricing to US$99, there was no news whether the pricing would be applied at this part of the world. Well, apparently the company has unveiled the latest pricing of the TouchPad, though there are some terms and conditions. Details inside.

  • Samsung refreshes Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 with hardware support for 4G LTE

    There is no denying that the Galaxy S II is one of the better smartphones on the market today, but leave it to Samsung to kick the S II's 'awesome' factor up by yet another notch with its recent announcement. Apparently, the Korean Electronics giant has revealed its plans to showcase a variant of its

  • Toshiba to release an ‘iPad-killer’ at IFA 2011?

    Even though it has already released a handful of tablets for sale, Toshiba remains relatively unknown in this particular market segment, although it seems that the Japanese electronics company about to make an attempt to change that situation. Apparently, word has it that Toshiba is planning to release an 'iPad-killer' of sorts come IFA 2011,

  • Lenovo Singapore unveils 3G version of K1 and ThinkPad Android tablets

    It was only last month when Lenovo launched the K1 Android tablet that comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity in Singapore. Today, the company unveiled the 3G version of K1 and the highly anticipated ThinkPad Android tablets.

  • Sharp announces availability of new RW-T107 enterprise tablet

    With more users attempting to blur the lines between enterprise and personal computing, it should be of little surprise that OEMs are starting to pitch typical personal computing devices like tablets as tools which are suitable for enterprise use after a few tweaks to its feature set. And it seems that Sharp is all set

  • Aishuo releases A820 tablet PC in China

    We have covered a few Aishuo-branded products from China in the past, and from the looks of it, it seems that the Chinese OEM's lineup of low-cost, entry-level tablet computing devices has been doing relatively well in the market. After all, it has to be, considering how the company has announced the release of what

  • Samsung releases Galaxy Tab 10.1 for sale in Singapore

    Samsung's woes with the current injunctions Apple has won against its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany may have just started, but the good news is that local fans of the Korean electronics giant's mobile computing devices will not have to worry about a potential ban over here. This is because the company has just