Tablets and E-Readers

  • HP organizes new team to focus on webOS; and to pioneer Ultrabooks

    HP has appointed a new executive to lead the development of its webOS software which it acquired from Palm, and to push and broaden the software usage. On top of that, the company also aims to pioneer Ultrabook-concept notebook PCs before the rest of its competitors.

  • Easydy unveils E88 tablet device for China

    You know what they say about Chinese OEMs and their devices: if there is a product out there that does well on the market, it will only be a matter of time before some enterprising Chinese OEMs produce a similar device based off its likeness, but with vastly different hardware and capabilities to boot. And

  • Haier upgrades HaiPad tablet device, still available only in China

    It has been some time since we talked about Chinese products, but that does not mean that the consumer electronics scene in China has been mellowing out somewhat. On the contrary, it seems to be just as lively as it always has been, and the best proof of that fact is has got to be

  • Telecoms Korea announces the availability of new magazine application for the iPad

    Thought that publishers would be hesitant in making the leap over to Apple's iPad because of issues pertaining to in-app subscriptions and such? Well, it turns out that such issues are not significant enough to faze Telecoms Korea;, for the company has just announced the availability of the English edition of its digital Telecoms Korea

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet review: because tablets need their own playtime too

    Most tablet OEMs appear to be centered about the desire to dethrone Apple's iPad from its current position in the form of an "iPad killer". And just when you thought the entire tablet war is going to be fought solely between the likes of Android and iOS, out comes Research In Motion (RIM) to surprise

  • HP plans to launch 64GB TouchPad in August

    HP has recently launched their 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi only TouchPads which are based on the webOS platform. According to a leaked powerpoint slide, it looks like a 64GB version and 32GB 4G-capable TouchPads are scheduled to be available in August this year.

  • Cypress announces USB 3.0 enabled West Bridge

    So you got your 1GHz+ dual core smartphone or tablet and want to watch some videos on it, or at least you did until you remembered that it only has a sluggish USB 2.0 port on it. Although this is unlikely to change overnight, Cypress Semiconductor's now has a solution which we'll hopefully be seeing

  • Sony announces new VAIO Z Series notebook for mobile professionals

    Notebooks may be getting smaller and more powerful as mobile technology advances with each passing day, but it does not change the fact that as far as mobile professionals are concerned, their machines of choice have to feature the best of both worlds in order for their mobile needs to be effectively served. And leave

  • Acer coming up with an Android slider tablet in Q4 this year?

    The tablet device market is really getting hot in recent months. Taiwanese maker Acer was reported to be planning to launch an slider tablet in Q4 this year and it may be running the upcoming Google Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" mobile operating system.

  • Andino Texas & PowerPlus series iPhone 4 and iPad 2 cases Review

    With everyone around you owning a brilliant piece of Apple's technology, one of the few ways you can differentiate and personalise your gadget(s) is with all sorts of individualistic cases and sleeves. If you are looking for something that is rugged yet looks good with whatever you are wearing, read on and check out what

  • Facebook to launch something “awesome” next week, speculations abound

    Facebook lovers, hang on to the edge of your seats next week. This is because the world's most popular online social networking service has announced its plans to launch something big and "awesome" during that period, and that it will most possibly be centered around the "mobile or tablet arena". And no, we are not

  • ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review: Android tablet that offers no deception

    When it comes to the term "Transformer", most users would associate it with either the electrical device that transfers energy from one circuit to another, or the popular cartoon and movie. And if you have followed the news, it looks like ASUS has named their new Android tablet device the Eee Pad Transformer. So, how good and how different

  • Sony upgrades e-Book readers to support .book format, promises availability of more titles

    Sony has just announced the release of a new update for its e-Book readers, which, when installed, will allow the aforementioned devices to view content that was only previously available under the .book format. In addition, Sony has also announced that it intends to upgrade its Reader Store with more .book titles for readers to

  • HP’s TouchPad priced, coming July 1st

    HP has finally unveiled the official pricing for its first two TouchPad tablet SKUs and we're looking at 16 and 32GB with Wi-Fi for now, although 3G models are set to follow suit. The question that remains unanswered is if HP's webOS will have enough pull to win over consumers and business users alike from

  • Huawei launches MediaPad, world’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 Honeycomb Dual-Core Tablet

    It was just  two weeks ago when Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment company, Huawei, introduced their new range of Android smartphones. This afternoon, Huawei had a global launch of their MediaPad, which touts to be the world's first 7-inch dual-core tablet to run Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS.

  • More hidden features in Windows 8 revealed

    We may still be months away from the RTM release of Windows 8, but that has not stopped developers and curious hackers from getting their hands dirty with the various leaked builds of Microsoft's upcoming operating system in the hopes of turning up new, unheard-of features that might eventually debut in its final release. And

  • BlackBerry PlayBook: officially available in Singapore on 23 June

    It was only slightly over a week when Research in Motion announced the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in Singapore, though pricing and availability details weren't made known then. Today, the company said that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be availabile in Singapore from 23 June.

  • Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific unveils STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC in Singapore

    Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today launched their new STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC that is designed for business professionals. It is powered by 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 processor, runs Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and comes with an optional stylus pen for writing and drawing. The STYLISTIC Q550 is scheduled to be available next month.

  • Panasonic announces Android Toughbook tablet

      If you're one of those users that always end up in situations where your devices break, then you're most likely familiar with Panasonic's range of Toughbook notebooks. Panasonic has announced that it's going to launch a Toughbook Android tablet that should arrive sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

  • Huawei teases MediaPad tablet device, speculations abound

    With so many tablets popping up on the market like how popcorn pops from kernels in a hot pan, it really should be of little surprise that there is yet another tablet slated to make its grand appearance soon, especially if Huawei's recently-released teaser video is of any indication. However, with little to no details