Tablets and E-Readers

  • HP introduces new stylish laptops and convertible tablet in Singapore

    HP has introduced their new laptops and convertible ProBook 5330m, the EliteBook 2560p and 2760p, and ENVY14 Beats edition notebook PC. The new mobile computers will be available from mid May to June.

  • Gaming on the 7-inch HaiPad Android tablet

    The Android tablet is designed to provide web browsing, social media, ebooks, gaming and multimedia playback for the users. But it looks like some chinese manufacturers are position the tablet as a portable gaming device/home console. Read on.

  • Apple iPad 3 to feature 3D display?

    With the Apple iPad 2 (above pic) recently made its way here to Singapore, rumours have already started on the upcoming iPad 3 tablet. According to sources, it looks like the iPad 3 may be incorporating a 3D display for viewing 3D content.

  • Samsung introduces new SENS-240 navigational tablet in Korea

    To date, we have got tablets on the market that are capable of performing all kinds of tasks, such as making calls, performing general computing tasks, playing games and even serving as software equalizers for audio-related purposes. But to release a tablet that is specially designed for navigational purposes? That is exactly what Samsung has

  • Screens that can be crumpled

    E-ink technology is featured in Amazon's kindle and many other reading devices. Its claim to fame is that content displayed on such screens are highly readable in a wide array of lighting conditions, just like ordinary paper. The company has managed to bring their technology one step closer to becoming truly paper-like. Read On.

  • ASUS expected to launch Tegra 3-powered tablets this year

    NVIDIA's Tegra system-on-a-chips (SoCs) may have only just started to see the light of the day in consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets, but it would appear that more OEMs are now turning to the graphics semiconductor giant for their chip supply due to Tegra's impressive performance. And apparently, ASUS is not about to

  • In China, love comes in the form of a five-inch tablet

    Okay, maybe equating a mundane device such as a tablet PC to the principle known as love might be stretching it a little bit, but it is quite hard to see it any other way, especially when the company responsible for marketing this little device has a name which makes a reference to the word

  • ASUS Eee Pad Transformer available in Singapore next week

    Remember the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer preorder news last week whereby 100 units of the tablet was sold out within three hours? Well, this afternoon, ASUS Singapore held a media event to officially launch the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. And you can get your hands on one from 3 May, next week.

  • New Tegra 2-powered tablet shows up in Korea, courtesy of TriGem

    Think that the Optimus 2X is the only Korean Android-powered device to come bundled with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip (SoC)? Think again: yet another Android device is getting the Tegra 2 treatment, and it comes in the form of a tablet known as the Tabit, and produced by TriGem.

  • Apple white iPhone 4 arrives in Singapore tomorrow, followed by iPad 2

    Apple has said that the iPad 2 will be available in Singapore in April. And till now, the product is yet to be on sale. Today, the company has issued a release that indicates that the iPad 2 will be retailing this Friday. Better yet, the white version of the iPhone 4 will be selling

  • Sony unleashes new Android S1 and S2 tablets

    No, it's not Sony Ericsson but Japanese manufacturer, Sony. Even though Sony Ericsson has recently launched their Xperia smartphones, including the Xperia Play (or formerly known as the PlayStation phone), Sony has announced their new S1 and S2 Android tablets.

  • Targus new 360-degree rotating case/stand for the Apple iPad 2

    Targus has launched their complete and unique range of Apple iPad 2 accessories including the first-of-its-kind 360-degree rotating case/stand (THZ045AP) . The THZ045AP is a unique stand that can be used in portrait and landscape orientations.

  • HTC Flyer coming to Singapore in May

    HTC held a media event today to unveil their highly anticipated Android tablet, the HTC Flyer. The HTC Flyer is scheduled to be available in May. Read on for the coverage.

  • Toshiba AT300 Android 3.0 dual-core tablet to launch in June

    Aside from the AS100 that was unveiled last year, Toshiba aims to launch their new AT300 tablet based on Android 3.0 and runs dual-core processor in June. According to online sources, the AT300 will be categorized under the Regza series. No word as to whether it will be available here though.

  • Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi tablet lands in Singapore

    Motorola has finally brought their XOOM Android tablet to Singapore, when it was launched in US on 24 February. You can get your hands on the tablet this "Good Friday" holiday. Details inside.

  • Glass-free 3D on the Apple iPad 2? Yes, it is possible

    The Apple iPad 2 does not come with 3D display technology, but from the folks at Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research, it is possible to achieve glass-free 3D effect on the tablet device. Read on for the details.

  • ASUS Eee Pad Transformer preorder starts today

    The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is more than just an Android tablet; it comes with a uniquely designed full-size QWERTY keyboard docking station that provides ease of typing and extends the device's battery life. For those of you who are waiting for this, the wait is over. Today, the company has announced the start of the preorder for their Eee Pad

  • HTC Flyer scheduled to retail in May, pre-order price of £600

    The HTC Flyer is the company's latest 7-inch Android tablet device which was showcased at Mobile World Congress in February this year. According to news sources, the tablet is scheduled to retail in May and available for pre-order now.

  • “Thinkbook” tablets show up in China

    Any computing device with the 'Think' branding stamped on it is expected to feature the reliability and robustness in enterprise conditions that users have come to take for granted from a certain OEM, right? Well, here's a piece of advice from us: you might want to hold back those expectations a little just to be

  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets Hit Taiwan Market

    Taiwan is blessed with the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets from ASUS and Acer as they are now selling in a local PC exhibition taking place this week. These proved to be selling pretty well as the lack of Apple iPad 2 in their market spurs consumers to turn to other (better) alternatives. ASUS's Eee Pad