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Caution: Do not update your PS3 today!

Sony’s latest update could brick your precious console.

Only days after riding high on the wave of E3, Sony has been struck with a little problem with their current console. If you own a PS3, you could be prompted for a brand new software update. Unfortunately, the update, which was adding the option to turn off Trophy notifications and “system stability” have been reported to cause some PS3s to crash and brick.


After the update went live this morning, some PS3 users took to Sony’s official PS3 forums to seek help with the issue. Some PS3 owners reported the update made it impossible to load the console, let alone get to their games or boot up the OS. To some users, the console’s start up music played, but left the waving ribbon hanging in mid-air without the XMB.

The issue appears to spreading across most consoles but does not appear universal. Sony will be working on the problem over the coming days and will let users know when it is possible to update safely.

via Polygon


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