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After the recent DDoS attack to the Tranquility servers that power both Dust 514 and EVE Online, CCP Games is offering a gift to gamers that consists of 50k unallocated skill points.

The experience points are a means to make up for the lost game time during when the Tranquility servers were taken offline, as CCP was currently investigating the cause of the DDoS attack.

The developers also reveal that last weekend’s server downtime was the “longest in quite a while”, and because of that they have decided to give gamers a boon of skill points to use how they see fit.

“Last weekend EVE experienced its longest downtime in quite a while and as a result CCP has decided to give everyone 50.000 unallocated skill points.

The cause of the downtime was a malicious attack on our servers but nevertheless we want to make sure that all our players walk away with uninterrepted skill training plans. The skill points will be issued only to players with fully active EVE Online accounts.

Players who are on a trial account have been gifted an extra 7 days to their trial time.”

The developers have since fixed the server vulnerability and have brought the Tranquility servers back online, and they have also assured gamers that their sensitive personal data was never compromised or in danger during the attack.

The gifted skill points will be applied during the next update for EVE Online: Odyssey, the game’s nineteenth expansion. Details on comparable compensation for Dust 514 players haven’t been revealed yet.

Via EVE Online Community


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