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Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player Review

The Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player is one of the slimmest MP3 CD player you can find in the Singapore market today. This player is an option worth considering for users who are still harnessing the CD technology.

First and foremost, we would like to thank WCube for this review set of the Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 Player.

Most of you would think the MP3 CD Player is a thing of the past but surprisingly, there is still a loyal following by a large population of people who still harness the CD technology. CD Players have come a long way and the MP3 CD Players were the transition offered to the consumers that links MP3 users and the then current popular CD technology. It will be a while before music on CDs becomes obsolete but with the popularity of storing files on CD-Rs and CD-RWs, i believe the CD technology will be with us for a while.

The Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player is a well designed product that embeds all the crucial design elements that should be present in a CD player. Now lets take a look at the specifications of this player.



13.05cm x 13.5cm x 1.39cm (width x length x height)


145g (without battery)

Formats supported

CD-DA, MP3 with ID3 tag support, WMA *

Media supported

CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, Mixed CD, Enhanced CD, 8cm and 12 cm

Battery Usage

CDs – 12h, MP3 – 18h, FM – 24h

External Power

2 x AA Alkaline Battery

Anti-Shock Protection

4 min or 6 min

FM frequency response

87.5MHz – 108MHz

Inline Control Weight


Box and Package Contents


  • Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player
  • Stereo earphones
  • Wired remote control w/ EL backlighting
  • 2 NiMH Gum Batteries
  • AC Adaptor
  • External Battery Case (2 AA Batteries)
  • Special WCube Player Case

The Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 Player package comes along with a CD called “Firmware Upgrade” which will allow the CD player unit to accommodate future digital audio formats.

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