Samsung has an enormous booth at CES 2012, showcasing their range of products such as such as LCD TVs, notebook PCs, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras as well as home appliances including refrigerator. One of the main focus is the GALAXY Note,a hybrid of the smartphone and a tablet with a stylus that can be used for input on the display. Another key product is the Super OLED TV with full high definition dual experience. With the use of a special active 3D glasses that come with built-in speakers, you can now watch your favorite sports channel, while your loved one can choose to watch an action flick, all at the same time on the same display. According to a Samsung executive, you need to set two programmes and via a push of a button on the 3D glasses, you can watch your channel or switch to the other channel at anytime. The audio also switches accordingly.

At this year's CES, Soul by Ludacris unveiled their new products which include the SL300CG chrome gold and SL150CS chrome silver limited edition models. Both the SL300CG and SL150CS are designed with high-end aesthetics, sleek finish and are eye-catchy, in addition to its superb audio performance.

Mitsubishi Electric showcased their range of products from projectors, printers to 3D displays. The above picture shows the WD-92840 92-inch 3D DLP home theatre TV that claims to offer superb picture quality and immersive 3D viewing experience.

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