Real-time question and answer service provider Chacha has launched their new iPhone app that sports a refreshed look and offers location-based features. Besides asking questions, user can also see "live" questions being asked in his or her vicinity.

ChaCha, a free, real-time Q&A service provider has launched a new iPhone application with location-based features and entirely fresh user interface, making the already popular service even easier and more fun to use while on the go. In addition to the Q&A capability, the new app allows users to see live questions being asked by others in their area. This also lets ChaCha users find out what's trending in their own backyards.

Additionally, users can also opt-in to nearly 100 ChaCha mobile alerts including news, weather, celebrity / entertainment news, stock quotes and more, guaranteeing that up-to-the-minute information will always be at their fingertips wherever they are.

Source: Korea Newswire