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Chaintech APOGEE Series GAE98GTX

Walton Chaintech introduces new GeForce® 9 series graphics card CHAINTECH APOGEE
Series GAE98GTX. It is clocked at 675MHz core and 2.2GHz memory default.

Walton Chaintech Announces Single Processor 9800GTX Graphics Card from new
GeForce® 9 series graphics card

Walton Chaintech, the world’s renowned graphics card and memory module
manufacturer, introduces new GeForce® 9 series graphics card  CHAINTECH APOGEE
Series GAE98GTX. Designed with the higher level G92-400 chip of 65nm, GAE98GTX
justifies itself as a perfect balance between price and gaming performance from
the supreme GeForce® 9 series.

New CHAINTECH GAE98GTX graphics card’s core clock can reach as high as 675MHz
with 512MB GDDR3 memory. It is embedded with 128 Unified Stream Processor that
can bring blazing graphics performance with maximum quality for today’s most
demanding shader model 4.0 games. An impressive 30%-50% advanced of performance
is shown in the test result compared with 8800GTX.

Comes with two DVI ports for digital signal output, the GAE98GTX graphics
card also features an HDMI interface and an HDCP output that allows users
connect the PC to multiple LCD TV or display without hassle. Each GeForce
9800GTX graphics card boasts a 256-bit memory interface and 512MB of super-fast
GDDR3 memory of memory clock up to 2.2GHz, creating an ultra-realistic gaming
experience at resolutions up to 2560×1600.

Featuring the latest PureVideo HD technology, CHAINTECH 9800GTX specifically
enhances image quality and increase the efficiency of CPU even when it performs
in Extreme HD mode. CHAINTECH GAE98GTX leverages the revolutionary video
processing engine to playback the highest quality of HDTV and Blu-ray movies
using lower CPU, besides, it is able to perform at the minimum power
consumption, heat and noise. Additionally, it comes with PCI Express 2.0
interface which supports for the next generation PC platform.

A special note to 9800GTX is in which, it allows the PC to switch processing
from a single GPU or multiple GPUs in 3-Way SLI configuration to the onboard
motherboard GPU without a need of making changes to the original hardware. This
technology by NVIDIA offers a more economic option for the enthusiast users.

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