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Chaintech Bundles 9600GT w/ DDR2 1066 4GB Kit

In Computex, Walton Chaintech will present the new Limited Gaming
Edition in deluxe gift package, featuring CHAINTECH GeForce 9600GT 512MB O/C
version and APOGEE GT DDR2 1066 4GB kit.
CHAINTECH GSE96GT 512MB Overclocking version is clocked at 735 MHz core and 1900 MHz

Walton Chaintech, the world’s renowned memory module and graphics card
manufacturer, will proudly display its latest products at 2008 Taipei Computex.
Walton Chaintech is about to showcase excellent product portfolio including
APOGEE overclocking memory modules and CHAINTECH gaming graphics cards embraced
by the theme of Gaming with Passion at TWTC Nangang Hall Stand J306 in the first
floor. During the show, overclocking live demonstration, magic show, jazz dances
and limited cocktails will be available at Walton Chaintech’s stand.

In Computex, Walton Chaintech Corporation will present the new Limited Gaming
Edition in deluxe gift package, featuring CHAINTECH GeForce 9600GT 512MB O/C
version and APOGEE GT DDR2 1066 4GB kit that can easily optimize the PC
performance. This exceptional combination of CHAINTECH gaming graphics card and
APOGEE DDR2 1066 4GB memory modules have been strictly tested in multiple PC
platforms to ensure higher reliability and greater system performance for gamers
and enthusiast users. Only limited numbers of this special gaming edition in
deluxe packages will be available to the global market.

CHAINTECH GSE96GT 512MB Overclocking version is considered an evolution version
of 9600GT, with advancing itself from 650 MHz core clock to 735 MHz by running
on a 256-bit bus. The full-throttle memory solution GDDR3 512MB which CHAINTECH
9600GT 512MB OC Edition adopts now enables the card to run up to 1900 MHz.
Partner up with the card in this deluxe package, APOGEE DDR2 1066 4GB kit can be
installed to the PC perfectly to achieve high speed with the dual modules of
2GB’s large capacity. This combination allows users to conduct any 3D gaming,
video or photo editing or any other visual information processing needs more

In the upcoming Taipei Computex, Walton Chaintech will exhibit not only this
Limited Gaming Edition but also a complete range of memory products including
the APOGEE GT DDR2 1200 memory modules in 4GB kit and Flash SATA SSD in 32 GB
and 64 GB. Additionally, just certified by Taiwan Patent Office, Walton
Chaintech’s APOGEE GT Blazer series DDR3 2000 memory modules with Cool-it-Smart
heatsink design had also participated the Best Choice Award of 2008 Taipei
Computex. This innovative memory product has received high recognition from the
judges for its unique product design for power users who desire to maximize the
performance of their systems with impressively improved cooling efficiency.

Walton Chaintech has been dedicated itself to building premium quality
Graphics Card and Memory Module products for pursuing brand excellence,
compatibility and reliability. Carrying on successful business cooperation from
past and embracing new perspectives for future, Walton Chaintech sincerely
invites you to stop by our booth in Computex TWTC Nangang and experience our
theme of Gaming with Passion.

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