What if we tell you that you could charge your Smartphone by wearing your shorts, or being inside your sleeping bag (hold your train of thoughts right there)? Read on to find out!

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The sleeping bag doesn’t come with all the goodies shown in this picture

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Meet Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag. Both of these products do exactly as the name suggests, wear the shorts or snug in to the sleeping bag and charge your phone using them. So what’s the big secret?

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You can buy the shorts, everything else is not for sale

It turns out that the fabric used to make both of these innovative products get squashed and deformed, and the kinetic energy from this process is converted to electric energy which in turn is used to charge your phone. A day of walking around in those (good-looking) shorts can add up to 4 hours of battery life to your phone, while the sleeping bag is significantly more efficient in juicing up your devices for a 11 more hours of usage.

*The product will be made available by Vodafone at festivals this summer in the UK.

Source: Pocket-Lint