Check your email: Sony has invited a number of PS3 and PS4 gamers to take part in the Destiny beta for free.


Everyone who pre-ordered Destiny was given three beta keys to share with friends, but Sony knows that a good portion of PlayStation gamers still didn’t get in. If you’re a PlayStation gamer who’s been left out in the cold, be sure to check your e-mail.

Sony might have sent you a nice little surprise in the form of a Destiny beta key.

In the spirit of fulfilling happiness Sony has handed out free beta invitations to select members of the PlayStation nation across both PS3 and PS4, giving them access to Bungie’s new world of sci-fi splendor.

Destiny Beta Free

Every e-mail is good for one PS3 and PS4 key to share with their cross-platform buddies, but be sure to remember that the game’s servers won’t be cross-plat: PS3 gamers will play with other PS3 gamers, and so on.

We’re not sure if a PlayStation Network sub is needed to be eligible for the invite or what kind of criteria Sony is using to select gamers, but it seems random seeing as I’ve already downloaded, installed and religiously played the Beta thus far.