DayZ, the zombie apocalypse survival mod of Arma II, is currently developing a standalone version, and creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has finally released some footage of what we might expect from it.

DayZ is an Arma II mod which is still under development, but has been released as an alpha, and seen immense popularity among pc gamers. The mod, which is about surviving a zombie apocalypse, saw Arma II's sales go up 500% in the months following the mod's arrival on the net. Since last year, the mod's developer, Dean "Rocket" Hall, has been working on a standalone version, and he's finally ready to let us see some of it.

He has released a 15 minute in-game video showing an early, and understandably rough version of what we can come to expect. The biggest changes detailed in the video is a simplified interface, the ability to customize your clothes, a new swamp and an island off the coast of the in game world. Finally, the loot system has also been reworked so that you truly have to scavenge buildings for gear and food, as opposed to the current system of just running in and looking for a pile of stuff on the floor. The loot system is also moved from the client to the server's side, to ensure it's less exploitable and hackable.


Check out the video for yourself: