BlackBerry App World

The wait is finally over for BlackBerry users who have been asking for the paid apps on their devices. According to Research in Motion, the new BlackBerry App World 2.0 is available from today and paid apps will be available.

From BlackBerry’s Official blog, the App World 2.0 is now available for BlackBerry users in the listed 65 countries. Yes, Singapore is one of them, so if you are using a BlackBerry, please update your App World 2.0 and enjoy the difference. Oh, you can download paid apps too.

The paid apps are also introduced and there will be more new apps starting at US$0.99 as time goes. You can pay via credit card – including Visa and MasterCard – or Paypal. If you set up Paypal as your preferred billing payment method on your BlackBerry, you will not need to enter your PayPal username and password with every purchase.

Source: BlackBerry Blog