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Chill Innovation KB-1BT Bluetooth Micro Keyboard review

Out of the box the Chill Innovation KB-1BT keyboard feels very small, much like a keyboard taken out of an older Smartphone with a tiny touchpad stuck next to it. The keys are tiny and designed for “thumb-typing”, exactly like they are on Smartphones. It also is extremely lightweight and convenient to hold but it will certainly take some practice before people who never used a thumb-keyboard before get used to it. Another interesting thing about this keyboard is the many multimedia keys seen at the top, clearly indicating that this keyboard has been mainly designed for multimedia use.

The keyboard’s backlighting is very soft and it favors the character keys over the numbers. The backlighting will turn on for a few seconds each time you turn on the keyboard but you can also set it to stay on for as long as you are typing, which of course will drain the keyboard’s battery much more quickly.

At the left side of the keyboard the designer placed the two touchpad keys. By holding the Fn key and clicking the left touchpad button you can change the touchpad’s orientation, whereas by holding the Fn key and clicking the right touchpad button you can permanently turn on the keyboard’s backlighting. We do not recommend changing the touchpad’s orientation unless you are using the keyboard for a presentation; if the touchpad’s orientation is changed the touchpad buttons will be down next to your wrist, making the right touchpad button unreachable and the keyboard rather uncomfortable to use. It would work if you are doing a presentation and holding the KB-1BT with one hand, tapping the touchpad sets off a left button click just like on laptops.

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