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Chiller Adventures Part 1

This was sort of ready and waiting for my PC hardware side to be get done and
join up. During the time of hardware preparation though, I went shopping around
old second-hand appliance stores and found quite a few shops selling old window
A/C units. For those who are interested, there are a lot of second-hand electrical
appliances being sold in the Dunlop Street area. You can get window A/C units
and fridges here for quite cheap.

Map not present due to copyright issue

I walked in and asked for the pricing on an old window Air-Con unit. The guy
quoted me $ 75 for a working one. It sounded reasonable to me so I bought it.
He sold me a Sanyo window unit and it was really heavy to move around. When
I reached home, I checked the Sanyo website for its specifications and was pleased
to find out that it was 9000BTU/Hr model which means the compressor should be
roughly 1 Horsepower. That’s more than enough for any computer chilling
I guess.

I spent almost a whole day dismantling the covers and components, thanks to
the screws that were so rusty that they seemed to be impossible to remove. I
also mopped off a ton of dirt and the end product is seen here.

As you can see, the evaporator is bent to the side so that I could slip in
a reservoir. This was going to replace the dual compressor units.

The replacement.

As you can see, I painted the steel bracket of the evaporator to reduce rusting/corrosion.
The evaporator frosts up with a thick layer of frost in a very short time.

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