In order to get the best temperature, I removed the heat spreader of the P4
2.4C with a razor. The stepping is L319.

The back of the IC7 with silicone to insulate:

The insulation at socket back:

An outer layer of neoprene:


And then foam over it:

An acrylic plate as a chasis clamp:

The CPU block with insulation:

At the top, a layer of silicone is applied first, then a layer of foam then
a layer of acrylic. At the sides, silicone then foam, then neoprene, then a
tape wrap.

I decided to use a spare 172 watt peltier to chill my Northbridge on top of
the chilled liquid. This is because my board is probably going to run into a
limit with the low multiplier of the 2.4C.

The peltier is clamped between the block and a home-made cold plate using screws
at 2 corners. Insulating the Northbridge block coupled with a 172 watt peltier:

A layer of foam was stuck on around the whole assembly with silicone for insulation.

The top of the block has a layer of acrylic as well.