On Sunday, November 25, 2012 the Chinese Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center successfully launched into orbit a remote sensing satellite.

The satellite was launched from the northwest Gansu Province of China using the ‘Long March-4C' carrier rocket.  The satellite is called the Yaogan XVI remote-sensing satellite system and was purportedly created in an effort to study landmasses and a variety of land survey studies such as agricultural yield estimates.

Developed by China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, this latest satellite is just a sample of China’s booming aerospace industry.  In July of 2012, China announced they would be sending an exploratory type craft to the moon as part of a larger planned manned mission to the moon. 

Since the early 1970s China has been making great advancements with satellite technology and development in regards to manned space flight.  This development can be partly attributed to the ever-increasing worldwide support and participation from other advanced nations and international aerospace corporations.  Many leading aerospace supply chains have cooperated with China in regards to helping them become a world player in regards to aerospace.