We heard yesterday that Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China, meeting with local partners. It has now been confirmed that he also met with China Mobile’s Chairman, a carrier that doesn’t officially sell Apple’s mobile devices.


Subscriber wise, China Mobile is the biggest cellular network in the world. It have more than 700 million subscribers, all of which do not have the option of buying an iPhone or iPad from their carrier. Apple has been rumored to be discussing a potential deal with China Mobile in the past as well, but no such deal has materialized as yet. Being able to reach 700 million subscribers would no doubt do wonders from the iPhone’s sales figures in China.

In a statement to Reuters, China Mobile confirmed that its chairman met with Tim Cook, both are said to have had discussions on “matters of cooperation.” No further details have been provided about the meeting. So its too soon to say that China Mobile might start carrying the new iPhones Apple releases in the next couple of months.

Just yesterday it was said that Tim Cook also met with China Telecom, which already has a longstanding partnership with Apple. It is believed that both parties discussed strategies for the upcoming iPhone release in this meeting. In September, Apple is rumored to release two iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite.