Chinese network security experts are attributing the severe rise in security breaches to US based hacking group Anonymous.

According to the China National Computer Network Emergency Response Center (CNCNERC), between January and June this year, nearly 7.8 billion computers and 27,900 IP addresses were hacked from the United States.  The CNCNERC are claiming that Anonymous is behind the majority of the attacks.  Anonymous is adding to the claim by announcing that it plans to bring down the websites of five major corporations.  

The US House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has recently announced that Huawei and ZTE (China-based firms) equipment may be used to perform espionage against the American people and advised US companies not to use equipment from either company.  In addition, the Committee accused Huawei and ZTE of bribery and violation of immigration laws.

While the Permanent Select Committee voices national security concerns, CNCNERC claims a rise in network attacks from other countries: 24% of attacks were from the United States, 17.2% from Japan, and 11.4% from South Korea.

Zhou Yonglin, Director of the Emergency Response Center, said that the rise in number of attacks is quite severe, and that foreign hackers use IP addresses to spy on Chinese computers and infect them with Trojans.

Source: qq