China’s President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama agreed to bring the two nations together and resolve the problems both nations have with cyber security.  For many months the two powerful nations have gone ‘tit for tat’ with accusations of cyber espionage and theft of corporate secrets.

Chinese President Xi Jinping talks with U.S. President Barack Obama

The United States hosted the meeting between the two world leaders in California, where the two are to discuss new polices in regards to beefing up security, and working together in tracking down what entities are involved in breaking into government and corporate computer networks.

Early this year some high profile Internet security groups such as Mandiant, along with the Pentagon accused China of hacking into government servers and stealing military secrets.  Mandiant was the first private firm to pinpoint the location of the Chinese hackers and claimed that it is a military trained PLA unit operating in a multi storied building just outside of Beijing.

The Chinese government has continually denied the accusations and routinely turns the tables on the discussion whenever it is brought up.

This is the first official visit by China’s new President since he took office in March of this year, and he is apparently well liked by the White House.  Jinping is also said to be quite optimistic about improving relations with the US in regards to cyber threats emanating out of China.

While it may have been a closed door meeting between the two leaders, Obama did say that the U.S. government was looking for “an international economic order where nations are playing by the same rules, where trade is free and fair and where the United States and China work together to address issues like cyber security and protection of intellectual property”.

While there was not any announcement on any kind of agreement on the first day of their meeting, the entire visit may be overshadowed by the recent events coming to light regarding the U.S. National Security Agencies clandestine operation of mining Internet data known as ‘PRISM’.

Some analysts suspect that it was not any coincidence that the leak on the NSA and FBI’s PRISM program came at this time.  Furthermore, Washington does not know who blew the whistle on the PRISM program to both the Washington Post and the U.K.- based Guardian but Obama did say that there would be an internal investigation in the matter.

Nevertheless, President Obama said that his meeting with Chinese President Jinping would not be hindered by the recent news and that both nations would come to some kind of formal agreement with improving cyber security.