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China to officially end game console sales ban, Xbox One vs PS4 all over again

China’s ancient (13 year long) ban on sale of game consoles might finally see an end (to the tyranny), reports South China Morning Post. Will this allow the Xbox One and PS4 to sell another billion?

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Chances are that marketing executives belonging to the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 department are sitting in their offices and smiling now. China might soon end their 13-year long ban on the sale of game consoles (outrageous right?). Although the ban never completely stopped the sale of consoles in small stores all across the country, no company has been “officially” selling and “advertising” their own game console offering in China for the past 13 years. Whew!

South China Morning Post reports that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo might soon be able to go gorrila-crazy in the Chinese market to advertise and sell their gaming console to the billion strong population of China. Of course, this new decision will take a bit to come to full effect, but the ones who gain the most from this decision are Microsoft and Sony. Such a turn of events couldn’t have come at a better time, with both companies gearing up to, having already announced and begun promotion, launch their next-generation gaming consoles.

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The huge monetary potential of the Chinese market is just hard to ignore. Microsoft and Sony combined may sell over a billion consoles (or maybe a little less than that) in China over the next couple of years if this ruling sees the light of day. Add to that, the jump in the number of game sales (hungry Chinese gaming fans will jump at either consoles and their most popular games) and you quickly start to realize that the outcome of this decision involves a lot of money… A LOT.

What do you think? Is opening up of the Chinese console market a boon for both the Xbox One and the PS4? Or will the impact be not so large as we think it would? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: SCMP via Kotaku

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