Installation Procedures

Place the
self-adhesive heating element inside the rear cover and this is to
prevent condensation build up at the back of the motherboard.

You will need to place
seal strings around the edges of the rear cover before you stuck
it onto the back of the motherboard and make sure there are no
gaps at all.

Place some seal
strings on the inside perimeter on the bottom of the upper

Install the processor
first before mounting the upper bracket on it. Position the metal
clips in such a way that you can have the best fit.

The upper bracket
can be mounted in place with 4 screws entering from the rear

Place more seal
strings around the edges at the top of the bracket before mounting
the Micro Freezer on. Smear the CPU with some Artic Alumina

Press the Micro
freezer firmly against the bracket and ensure good contact with
the CPU. Screw on the 2 spring loaded screws and cover them with a
little seal strings and ensure that there are no gaps around the
bracket and components to prevent any air to enter the hermetic