Google has updated their extremely popular Chrome browser to a stable 27 version which brings 5% faster page loading times.

This Tuesday, Google released the latest version of their Chrome browser, pushing the version number of this popular browser to 27. The update Chrome 27 is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux as usual. Chrome 27 brings new features to the table and enhancements over previous versions just as new releases tend to bring.

Chrome 27 brings two major new features with it, them being:

  • 5% faster page load times
  • Sync FileSystem API

The faster page load times is achieved thanks to the introduction of "smarter behind-the-scenes resource scheduling" says Google. 5% might hardly make a difference to your browsing speeds and page load times at first, at least not enough to make you notice but in the entire process it does add to speeding up your surfing and related tasks.

Sync FileSystem API is an offline storage API (application programming interface) for packaged apps that allow automatic synchronization of stored data across multiple clients, all via Google Drive.

Updating can be done using Chrome's in-built updater or simply downloading the installer from the Google Chrome website.


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