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Chrome Canary: now singing its way to Mac OS X

Remember Chrome Canary for Windows? You know, that highly experimental and unstable browser which Google was inviting Windows users to play around with, but only if they were ready to deal with the frequent issues that are bound to occur while using it? Well, it seems that Google is keen on attracting more guinea….I mean, more adventurous, IT-savvy users to help test out its unstable browser builds, and has even roped in OS X users to join the party. Yes, you are reading it correctly: Chrome Canary is now available for the Mac platform.

Ever since Chrome Canary for Windows was released, adventurous Mac users had to look on in jealousy while their Windows-using counterparts were able to download and install pre-development builds of the Google Chrome browser. And their frustration is understandable; unlike the open-source development channel known as Chromium, users of Chrome Canary had the luxury of having various extras present in the stable Chrome releases baked into their Canary builds, such as the built-in Flash plugin. In addition, Canary also has the distinction of being the only bleeding edge version of Chrome that is officially recognized by Google, a status not granted to the open-source Chromium development builds.

Fortunately, it seems that Mac users will no longer have to feel left out when it comes to enjoying the latest, most bleeding-edge version of the Chrome browser Google has to offer, for Google has officially open up a Mac tree for its Canary browser builds. Indeed, a quick look at the documentation in Chrome's Early Access Release Channels indicate that OS X is now a supported platform.

That being said, the same restriction found in the Windows versions of Canary apply to the OS X ports: this means that Canary cannot be designated as a default browser, and for obvious reasons. After all, this build is designed to be used only by a very specific group of people that are keen on living on the bleeding edge of technology and do not mind having to deal with various major or minor issues that may crop up during the course of usage. Also, one should remember that Apple takes issues with software that could potentially cause Macs to crash; surely you will not want to see Chrome banned from future versions of the Mac OS X operating system, no?

Source: TUAW, The Chromium Project

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