The AutoMee S is a cute and tiny cleaning robot developed by TakaraTomy that is designed to autonomously clean tablets and smartphones.

Tablet screen protectors and cases help maintain fingeprint-smudged tablets. But even with these conveniences, you'd still need a good wiping of your tablet every now and then. Alternatively though, instead of doing the wiping yourself, you could simply hire a mini-robot to do all the wiping for you.

The AutoMee S is a TakaraTomy-developed handheld robot that we could only properly describe as a cute, miniature tabletop version of Roomba. That's correct; this tiny thing that looks like your hair gel case is actually a tablet cleaning robot.  It diligently runs and sweeps by the surface of your tablet, removing fingerprints and other things stuck on your tablet's screen. No need to worry about it falling off the tablet, as it is equipped with simple and standard sensors that help it detect the edges of the unit.

Though it seems to be best suited for tablet PC's, it is actually marketed for smartphones, and can be technically used on any screen. The AutoMee S unit might not be capable of moving much on a smaller smartphone screen, but it is "careful" enough not to fall on the edges even with such small working space.

These cute critters do take up a bit of time to clean a smartphone or tablet though. Cleaning a standard 4-inch smartphone may take up to 4 minutes, and 10-inch tablets might require 8 minutes of non-stop sweeping. There are no restrictions on using multiple AutoMee S units on a unit though, so one may probably use two or more units on a single tablet.

One AutoMee S weighs 82 grams (without the battery), and its dimensions are 67 x 38 x 73 mm. Operating the unit requires one AA battery. It is estimated that the price of one AutoMee S unit in Japan would be around 1500 yen (16 USD) when it becomes available.

Source: Androwire (JP)