SURPRISE! 2 mid range Barts XT combine to beat the mighty Radeon HD 7970 at stock, and manages to annihilate the HD6970/GTX580 in the process

Same story here too in the 1080p Xtreme Preset. Too bad it couldn't overclock…


This card is proving its mantle in the CrossFire friendly BF3 as well


Same performance lead in Unigine Heaven


In the AvP DX11 benchmark, it even manages to overtake the overclocked HD 7970, which is an amazing feat


This is where reality hits – Batman Arkham City and other games (COD:MW3, Skyrim, Red Orchestra 2…) which are not so Crossfire friendly will show poor or no or even negative scaling. Multi-GPU cards by nature are at the mercy of game developers and driver teams.


Not too shabby here, but a far cry from the new HD 7970