Inside, we find room for an ATX or micro-ATX motherboard (or even mini-ITX if you are obtuse, but not sadly not XL-ATX) with a generous sized cut-out for the motherboard's rear heatsink mounting bracket. All seven expansion slots come with handy thumbscrews, so swapping out graphic cards should be a simple screwdriver-less affair. One annoyance that we had during assembly was that the motherboard standoffs were not pre-installed, and it took some brute plier action to turn them all the way in as the screw threads were not exactly smooth. 

Like most other decent enthusiast grade chassis, there are strategically placed cable management access holes to allow wiring to be routed through the back. The top most drive cage can be removed to accomodate a graphics card that is longer than 11.3" (the top of the line GTX 690 today measures 11" length-wise).


There are seven internal 3.5" drive bays but only one double-sided 2.5" bracket for two SSDs is included.


Besides the 1 x 120mm at the back and 2 x 120mm on top, two more 120mm fans can be mounted in front. Our review unit only came with a single fan but there could be more in the actual retail bundle depending on your geographical location and active promotion.


CM Storm Scout 2 (Gunmetal Edition) Verdict: Decent plastic/SECC case but nothing ground-breaking, available for US$99.99 (NewEgg)