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CM Storm Scout 2 and TPC 612 Mini-Review

The TPC 612 used in our build is a slimmer variant of the top of the line TPC 812, utilizing a cluster of heatpipes and twin vertical vapour chambers to transfer heat from its nickle plated copper base to a dense array of aluminium fins. A fairly potent 120x120x25mm PWM fan (rated at 2000 rpm / 82.9cfm) on a nifty clip-on bracket is put in charge of heat dissipation.

Mounting brackets for all modern Intel/AMD systems are provided, and in our example we used an Asus Maximus V Formula which has a ubiquitous LGA 1155 socket. Heatsink installation was relatively idiot-proof and only the final step required a Philips head screwdriver to secure the heatsink to the motherboard.


Thanks to its relatively slim profile, the TPC 612 allowed our G.Skill memory module with tall heatspreader to be installed next to it without any hassle.


One important consideration to take note when building the Scout 2 is that the 16cm tall TPC 612 barely cleared the height ceiling of the chassis, ruling out the possibility of using larger heatsink towers with 14cm fans.


Cooling performance was excellent, with our Sandy Bridge i7-2600K keeping below 60 degree celcius in our Linpack stress test, implying that it should be able to handle sub-5GHz CPU overclocks with ease.


Cooler Master TPC 612 CPU HSF Verdict: Easy to install and good thermal performance. Available for SGD$79 at PC Themes.

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