The Sentinel Advance II features a right-hand ergonomic design. Your thumb rests on a groove until you try to reach the two buttons above it, which are set by default to Web Browser Front and Browser Back functions.


The right side of the mouse is smooth and button-less.


Besides the standard wheel and left and right click buttons, the top of the mouse features the profile change button ahead of the wheel and the DPI + and DPI – buttons behind the wheel. The wheel itself is also clickable.


The back of the mouse contains a flap used to access the 5 x 4.5g weights, Teflon feet of varying length and shape and the Avago ADNS 9800 sensor itself.


You would be able to adjust the weight and balance of the Sentinel Advance II by removing and switching the positions of the weights.


The mouse cable is protected by a high quality braid, terminates with a gold plated USB connector and has a ferrite choke that reduces EMI and RFI.