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CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review


The CM Storm software has a unique option of a driverless execution, which allows configuration of the mouse without actually installing the software itself. This is a nice way of going around administrative rights when trying to configure the mouse in your workplace.


The main control panel enables you to configure 8 button assignments, USB polling rate, 4 levels of DPI adjustments, OS sensitivity, double click speed and button response time. You could configure it for 4 different profiles and the settings will be applied to 128KB Sentinel-X memory on the mouse itself. Hence, you could plug your Sentinel Advance II into a different PC and still retain the settings.


The color control panel enables you to change colors at different places on the mouse and to add a custom 32 x 32 logo. You could also change LED Mode into Always On, Breathing Mode (Light brightens and dims to resemble a breathing effect), Rapid Fire (Lights turn off on mouse click and light back up on mouse release) and Disabled.


Storm TX panel lets you to turn buttons into combo buttons for multiple commands at once.


This is how the top of the mouse looks like after configuration.


The front of the mouse features two laser-like LED lights that would flicker in rapid-fire mode.

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