Exhibitions are always the same with the exhibitors all vying for your hard earned dollar. So, exhibitors hire student
promoters to help and encourage buyers. The promoters queue up just before an entrance, before and after the escalators and then bombard people with flyers as they have to walk on by to get to their destination. This reminded me of an old Clint Eastwood movie, The Gauntlet.

When you are as big as SingTel and StarHub with crazy promotions enticing current customers and vying for new customers, you are going to have long snaking queues. So, if you haven’t ever gone for one of the Broadband or Mobile Plan subscriptions be prepared for a long and patient wait.

SingTel’s and StarHub’s huge LED boards displaying queue numbers.

Even at approximately 3pm on the first day, parking lots were non-existence and the 4
meter wide walkways were jammed.