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The Centrino2 notebooks are here and we take a look at some of the newest models as well as the growing trend for a Net-book. ASUS was on hand with two booths displaying notebooks and netbooks. A little later to the game of notebooks and netbooks is MSI (Wind), Axioo (Pico), Lenovo (U110) and Acer (Aspire One).

Not exactly a Centrino2 because the Sony’s don’t have the full Wi-Fi support for Centrino2 certification but they are using Montevino processors.







NEC has been quiet for a while since their S9100 which didn’t really make an impact because they were targeting corporate users.

Netbooks are among us…

You just have to see and touch the Lenovo’s red outer casing. It sure beats skinning.

They are the earliest to break into the market and have many makes and models to choose from – some with solid state hard drives but limited capacity and others with larger capacity but regular mechanical hard drives. Take your pick…

A new kid on the block. I overheard that they are giving away two battery packs at Comex. You get the standard 3-Cell that will last about two hours and when the stocks arrive you can get at no additional charge the 6-cell which will give you about four hours. So, if you have both you can probably last the whole day without hogging the AC mains at your local fast food joint or coffe shop.

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