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COMEX 2010: The Coverage

VR-Zone.com is here to maximise your spending power! We bring you coverage of COMEX 2010, held at Suntec Singapore from 2 to 5 September 2010. This year’s exhibition is the largest in COMEX history – taking up all accessible levels, including ballrooms.

Hang around as we work to give you more goodies and more information!

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Just a day ago, the media revealed that private sector economists have upgraded their growth forecast for Singapore this year to 14.9%, and there is no better indicator of how the local populace is responding than to look at their Consumer Electronics (CE) spendings. COMEX 2010 is Singapore’s third major CE show this year and indeed we are looking at a fantastic turn-up right here in the halls of Suntec Singapore.

The half-baked sights we have seen in our preview are now replaced by endless crowds – and we have barely made it halfway through the week! Exhibitors, as usual, are doing their best to attract customers with offers and price-cuts – all of which (the official ones, that is) you can find here.



Canon‘s Redemption Centre is located at Level 1 of the show grounds. No, the number of people here is not an indication of how the crowd would be like upstairs!


Heading up to Level 2, we are greeted by a lot more people. There are three main exhibitors on this level, namely SingTel, M1, and Epicentre.

Very attractive deals from SingTel include:

  • a free pair of F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix Bay Grandstand tickets worth $596 for the first 50 mio Plan / mio Home / mio Home Sports new sign-ups daily,
  • iPhone 4 16GB available for the first 100 customers daily,
  • free special number worth $1070 for the first 250 new mobile sign-ups daily, and
  • up to $100 off handset with BroadBand on Mobile plan sign-up!





Epicentre is located beside SingTel.

They are offering a whole range of accessories, including high-end Bose sound systems for Apple devices.

Besides their Bose-oriented booth outside the ballroom, Epicentre has a full range of Apple accesories such as iPod and iPhone cases and screen protectors, as well as a range of Apple machines.



And located directly opposite SingTel’s ballroom is M1!


Apart from offering home broadband and mobile broadband services, they also have a mobile phone section with some fantastic phone deals.


As you can see, M1 is pushing its new broadband service based on the nation-wide fibre network.

Sign up for M1’s Fibre Home Broadband 100Mbps and Mobile Value Plan at $87.92/mth and you get a free HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop!

Or if you are looking for a cheaper option, a Fibre Home Broadband 25Mbps and Mobile Broadband 2Mbps Plan is available at $64.60/mth, and you get a free HP Mini 210 netbook.


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