Jabra @ Communicasia.

Cool looking wired headset for mobile phones.

Jabra EarSet Windup, featuring all-in-one microphone and speaker integration and tangle-free cords.

Jabra BT110 Bluetooth headset. Featuring Jabra’s Minigel and weighs a mere 26 grams. It also offers 15 hours talktime on a single AAA battery and is based on Bluetooth 1.2

Jabra Universal Bluetooth Adapter. For use on non-bluetooth phones. 8 hours talktime and 240 hours standby time.

Jabra wired ProBoom headset. Delivers finest sound quality.

Jabra FS258. Uses Bluetooth and capable of up to 8 hours of talk time.

Jabra BT800. One of Jabra’s smallest Bluetooth headset and features internal DSP that improves clarity in a noisy environment. One of Jabra’s top-end BT headset.

Jabra BT500. 30% slimmer than earlier generation headsets. Features a LED indicator for battery lifespan and extra charging option via USB cable.

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