The Chinese telecoms equiment maker and mobile phone vendor, ZTE, is also participating in this year's CommunicAsia, where it has a variety of mobile phones and tablets up for display at its booth.

DSCF0893 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

The first sight we were treated to at ZTE's booth was a poster that was proudly announcing a concept phone which is apparently called the Surface. As expected, ZTE's staff were rather tight-lipped about the concept device, but based on what we are able to see from the illustrations, it would seem that ZTE's Surface concept phone is designed to impress, if its curvy body is of any indication.

DSCF0914 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

While it was essentially mobile phones galore over at ZTE's booth, it was this particular model, the ZTE Skate 4.3, which caught our attention.

DSCF0907 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

According to ZTE, the Skate 4.3 is slated for a release by the end of 2011, and will initially ship with version 2.2 of the Android operating system. However, we were told that ZTE will provide an upgrade path for the Skate 4.3 that will see it being elligible for a firmware update to version 2.3, otherwise known as Gingerbread.

Also available on display at ZTE's booth are four tablet devices: the ZTE T72, which is preloaded with Gingerbread and sports a seven-inch capacitive touch screen;

DSCF0898 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

DSCF0897 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

…the ZTE Light Tab 2/V9A, which boasts the inclusion of a 1GHz processor and support for both WiFi and WiMax:

DSCF0899 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

DSCF0900 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

…the ZTE Light Tab 2/V9A, which is essentially identical to the aforementioned Light Tab 2/V9A, except that it drops WiMac support in favor of HSDPA compatibility:

DSCF0904 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

DSCF0903 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage

…and lastly, an unnamed tablet which runs off Froyo and utilizes a custom user interface:

DSCF0911 CommunicAsia 2011 Coverage