Today, we visited CommunicAsia 2011 with various indistries showcasing their products and technologies. However, It is no surprise that with every trade show or event, there is a certain warmth in the midst of cold hardware.

And they are the booth babes and exhibitors of CommunicAsia 2011. They carry a lovely smile to to the attendees and visitors, bringing up the mood of the event.

CommunicAsia 2011 is held for the first time in Marina Bay Sands which begins on June 21 – 24 and will feature a comprehensive range of technologies from backhaul network, systems integration to software and applications to the end users. 

In this article however, we look at the lovely booth babes and sweet-smiling exhibitors that brings a certain warmth to the event.

"we are hiring!" – Dinglicom

whoa! Chinese zither performance 

2 sweet lookng ladies from Sumitomo Electric Industries

Smile !

ir.deta booth babes welcoming you to their hospitality suite

ntt docomo. lovely red

ntt docomo again…

a showcase of ntt docomo services

3 ladies in black from Atrium

not booth babes but hardworking guides of CommunicAsia 2011