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Compact Flash Association unveils new XQD format

A new Compact Flash format, dubbed “XQD”, is in the pipework and will be available for licensing soon. The XQD claims to improve almost every aspect of media recording, primarily with faster write speeds, larger capacity, and flawless high definition video recording.  

Compact Flash Association (CFA) has announced a new line of storage solutions under the moniker XQD. The new format is said to be slightly smaller than the current Compact Flash (CF) cards but still thicker than the Secure Digital (SD) cards. The current CF card we know is fairly large, though it is more robust and faster than SD cards; the CF card has only managed to dominate the professional market segment. CFA intends to refine these advantages by giving the new format a transfer speed of around 125 megabytes per second (MBps), which is a 25% improvement, via its PCI Express data pathway technology. Initial suggestion of XQD include the capability to go up to six terabytes in capacity and transfer speeds of 600MBps.

Adding to the prospects of improvements, XQD seeks to be Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) certified, which means that they can capture perfect high definition video without missing any frames, all done with a write speed of at least 20MBps. With camera giants such as Nikon being involved in the development and Canon endorsing the system, professionals using high-end DSLR cameras can expect the performance boost from the next generation format in a matter of months.

Source: Digphoto

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