Silverstone Mini-ITX – HTPC in mini size

Silverston Sugo – Small form factor

Remember your periodic table? What is element Q?

Don’t remember? Never mind, Thermaltake will introduce you back with their Element Q Small form factor.

Antec not only supplies power supply, they also have small form factors.

Acer Notebooks, talk about living and freedom.

Shuttle, more than small form factor now.

Ohh, glittery! Be bedazzled by Luxn2. Well if you are feeling rich, you can always replace the shinny crystals with real diamonds.

Its a IPod! Its a Computer! Its a Lego! Don’t worry it is not Superman.
Well it is a mini computer that looks like IPod and probably similar to Lego. Its called Leggero. (LEGgerO <- see it?)