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Computex 2008: NVIDIA Tegra Launch

VR-Zone was at NVIDIA’s Tegra launch earlier today as part of a series of pre-Computex events. The NVIDIA Tegra is the company’s effort at a single-chip computer, capable of rich high definition and internet experience that we expect from our PCs on your mobile pocket device…

We managed to hit Taiwan just in time to attend Nvidia’s Tegra processor launch at Shinkon Mitsuko. The NDA for this little processing monster was lited at 1600 GMT +8 earlier today, and Nvidia formally introduced the Tegra family of processors hand in hand with ARM and Microsoft, the world’s first single-chip computer that is capable of handing high definition playback and promises internet experience on your mobile devices that’s similar to a ‘visual PC experience’, whist consuming the minimal amount of power needed.

According to Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at Nvidia, the Tegra was an immense challenge to the corporation. The Tegra was engineered as a platform that will enable absolute mobility consuming minimal power, allowing devices to last days on a single charge and yet able to deliver high-defitinion media and computing experience that one would expect from our Personal Computer. Nvidia accumulated more than 1,000 man years of engineering, building the Tegra from ground up as a computer-on-a-chip architecture that consumes 100 times less power than any conventional solution that is available in the market today.

Shinkon Mitsuko A9

Bando 8, place of conference

Tegra Devices displayed

Tegra using Nvidia’s unique 3D APX

Tegra outputting via HDMI to a Dell 2408WFP

The Tegra doing what an EEE 901 would do at 10% of the power consumption.

The miniature silicon of the compete Tegra solution

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