Rob Csongor, VP of Corporate Marketing, Nvidia delivering his speech

Ian Lao, Senior Analyst at In-Stat explaining to the press about the Tegra advantage

Michael Rayfield, General Manager of Mobule Business Unit, Nvidia presenting the Tegra in detail

The eventual evolution of Tegra. The current Tegra APX2500 processor sports an 800Mhz ARM CPU, and the 2nd in line, we have the Tegra 650 which can be found in the next generation of WIndow Mobile smartphones in collaboration with Microsoft.

<1W power consumption on average on a 144 sqmm PCB with a high-perf Geforce GPU core. Fantastic huh?

Nvidia has positioned the Tegra as the eventual competition against intel’s Atom

The Tegra architecture in detail, featuring an ARM 11 processor, a seperate Image processor along with a Geforce GPU core with HD decoding, with USB OTG, UART, HDMI & security support.

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