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Computex 2008: Unique UMPCs spotted

Another UMPC caught our attention, the Noahpad EL-460 UMPC.

What makes Noahpad interesting is the way user input information into this little thing. The Noahpad doesn’t offers a regular feedback based keyboard. Instead, It offers 2 smooth feeling plastic-like surface to accept user’s input. These 2 surfaces are 2 simple buttons that clicks upon depressing. By detecting user’s selection over the surface, it will toggle between mouse input and regular keyboard input.

The sales staff do not have much issues dealing of the Noahpad’s unique input – I believe it requires some getting used to.


Processor: VIA Eden C7-1.0 / CX 700 (all in one)
Ram: 512 MB (DDR2) expandable to 2 GB
Storage: 1.8 inch 30 GB HDD
Others: 2 x USB Ports
  1 x VGA output
  1 x Microphone input and 1 x Audio Output
  1 x SD Card slot
Battery Capacity: 3900 mAh
Dimensions: 19.2 x 14.3 x 2.9 cm
Weight: ~ 0.8 Kg
Operating System: Linux Pre-installed
(Microsoft Windows XP also available)

More Pictures:


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