Taipei is known not just for its ICT products, but its gorgeous ladies too. We’ve come across our fair share of them at COMPUTEX 2010, and share them, we will.

Just updated – 5th June 2010!

After sifting through our growing stash of photos from COMPUTEX 2010, we wonder if Taiwan manufactures more ICT products or pretty girls.


Here are two young ladies helping NVIDIA to gain public awareness FOR its NVIDIA 3D Game Night at the NVIDIA 3D Experience Center. The Experience Center is definitely hard to miss, as it is an enormous tentage located opposite Neo 19.





The COMPUTEX Taipei mascot, Brother Plug together with two COMPUTEX Sweeties, Kiwi and Emma.


QNO Technology Inc.

After running from hall to hall for the whole day, we felt that our backs needed a little nursing…


Pioneer Computers Australia


MSI Press Conference