ASUS’s top-flight Republic of Gamers (ROG) products were on display at their booth in 

This is the concept ROG mainboard “Immensity.” Based around the Intel X58 Express chipset, there is additional silicon from AMD (for onboard discrete graphics) and Lucid (for mixed multi-GPU).

More of the details here:

Notice the miniature discrete graphics card shoehorned onto the mainboard PCB.

Yes, Lucid Hydra is present for mixed multi-GPU applications.

USB 3.0, ROG Connect were all present on the I/O.

Those who find themselves with insufficient x16 slots can purchase the Xpander and get more out of their existing ROG mainboards.

For absolute 3D acceleration, look no further than this Ares Crossfire setup.

HTPC builders might wish to turn to this mini-ITX offering from ASUS. The CPU VRM supports 95W TDP CPUs, which means no AMD Phenom II X6 are going onboard until AMD’s silicon steppings improve on leakage and power consumption.