Down-draft, or C-type coolers as Noctua calls them, are lower in height as compared to tower style heatsinks and offer excellent cooling around the processor socket area.

We got to see Noctua’s 140mm C-type cooler, the successor to the highly recommended NH-C12P (and NH-C12P SE14).

Unlike most, if not all down-draft coolers, two fans can be mounted – one on top, and one underneath, the heatsink fin array.

The fan clips used are specifically meant for the NF-P14 FLX or any other 120mm fans. We wonder if there would be fan clips provided for installation of other aftermarket 140mm fans. 

There are a total of six heatpipes running through the heatsink and the base, similar to the NH-C12P series.


If clearance is a problem, the 140mm C-type cooler can be operated in single fan mode with the fan mounted underneath. In this configuration, the cooler measures just 105mm in height.


On the other hand, if memory modules with tall heatspreaders are used such as the Corsair Dominator, the fan can be mounted on top instead.


But of course, the best performance would be achieved in dual fan mode.

There are three 140mm C-type heatsinks pictured above with the three possible fan configurations: dual fan mode, high clearance mode and low profile mode (from left to right).